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Drain Genie Customer Testimonials

The drain in our bathroom sink always ran slowly. I waited for a true clog before trying the Drain Genie. I couldn't believe how well it worked! No chemicals, no fumes -- I simply connected the Drain Genie to a shop vac, covered the overflow holes in the sink, and pulled years worth of hair and goop from the drain in just a few minutes! The drain runs like new. My dad will be amazed. I'm buying one for him now. This is one simple tool that no home should be without!

- (J. Edmondson – Amazon)

I loved the Drain Genie. In our master bath sink we always get slow drains. We end up pouring drain cleaner down the drain. It never fixes the problem all the way, and I am not going to take the pipes apart to get the drain to flow. I bought a Drain Genie, hooked it up to the shop vac and within seconds the drain flowed like new. I will never have to waste money on drain cleaner again.

- (Kathy – Amazon)

I tried the Drain Genie on a clogged bath tub drain and couldn't believe the huge clump of hair it pulled out.  I was using a 3 ½ hp vacuum. The Drain Genie was so easy that once I cleared one drain, I went through the entire house. It only took a few minutes for each drain.

- (mselak – Amazon)

Love the Drain Genie for cleaning downspouts. Had a major plug I was able to clear before the last round of torrential rains here in sunny California. While the Drain Genie took some time to clear the blockage, the Drain Genie did the job where snakes etc. would not work.

- (A. Campbell – Amazon)

I bought the Drain Genie because the P-Trap in my bathroom sink drain was glued together by the previous homeowner.  I also used the Drain Genie on another sink drain that had mud it in from my kids. The Drain Genie cleaned both drains without a problem

- (P. Swanson – Home owner)

My house is on a slab, so I don’t have access to the p trap on my shower.  The Drain Genie worked much better than I expected.  Also the Drain Genie was very easy to use.

- ( B. Wawczak – Homeowner)

If you know how to use a vacuum, you can unclog your drain with the Drain Genie.  It was very easy to use and it worked!

- (B. Smith – Homeowner)

I bought the Drain to unclog drains on my boat.  It works great!  I have used a vacuum in the past to clear the drains, but struggled to get a good seal over the drain.  The flexible neck and the soft rubber seal really helps to make a good seal around the drain.

- (A. Bartelli – Marina)

The Drain Genie is a BIG time saver and works very well on drinking fountains.  Drinking Fountains have a small ½” drain and get clogged pretty easily.  Without the Drain genie, you have to take the fountain apart to get at the drain.

- (K. Strutz – Facilities Manager)

Drain Genie Vacuum Attachment
Drain Genie Vacuum Attachment
Drain Genie Vacuum Attachment
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Drain Genie Vacuum Attachment